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                  The group of Central Party School of the Communist Party of China visit LE...
                  On the morning of October 20, 2015, Accompanied by the section chief of pollution prevention section of gansu environmental protection department Feng GuoNing, the municipal government deputy secretary-general Wang Yuan Sheng, municipal environmental...[查閱全文]
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                  Environmental and economic policy research center of national environmenta...
                  On the afternoon of October 22, 2015, Accompanied by municipal environmental protection bureau vice chief Jia Rui, Director of the state ministry of environment and economic policy research center Xia Guang and the Chinese environmental protection fo...[查閱全文]
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                  Work dispatch meeting for the project titled as “lanzhou comprehensive de...
                  In the afternoon of November 3, 2015, accompanied by Mr.Yan Zijiang, Director of Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau and Ms.Zhang Yue, CEO of LZEEEX, Mr. Yuan Zhanting, Deputy Secretary General of Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, first visi...[查閱全文]
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                  EU energy boss wants urgent push for closer energy union
                  (2015-11-18) Europe's energy boss said on Wednesday EU member states lacked sufficient alternatives to Russian supplies and called for "an urgent political push" for strategic power and gas links to share resources. In a first state of ...[查閱全文]
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                  EU meeting 2020 target for reducing greenhouse emissions: report
                  (2015-10-21)The European Union (EU) is on track towards meeting and overachieving its 2020 target for reducing greenhouse emissions by 20 percent, according to a report published recently by the European Environment Agency (EEA) ahead of Paris climat...[查閱全文]
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                  China to deepen energy reform in the next five years
                  (2015-11-11)China aims to innovate and upgrade the energy system in the next five years to make it greener and more integrated with the Internet, the country's energy watchdog said in a statement Wednesday. The readjustment of the energy system shoul...[查閱全文]
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                  Chinas clean energy use to expand: official
                  (2015-11-18)As China's economy shifts, its energy consumption is becoming more green, led by growth of natural gas and non-fossil fuels. Energy consumption in China will expand approximately 3 percent yearly in the next five years, slowing down f...[查閱全文]
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                  China pledges to achieve cuts to greenhouse gases
                  (2015-11-20)China will ensure the fulfillment of its pledges for cutting greenhouse gas emissions that it submitted to the United Nations, regardless of the outcome of the Paris climate summit, China's climate officials said. More than 80 world l...[查閱全文]
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                  EU meets Kyoto targets under first commitment period (2008-2012)
                  (2015-11-18)The European Union and its Member States have met their greenhouse gas emissions reduction commitments under the Kyoto Protocol's first commitment period (2008-2012). 18 November 2015 marked the last day to comply with greenhouse gas emis...[查閱全文]
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                  The Energy Union on track to deliver
                  (2015-11-18)The State of the Energy Union Report, published today for the first time, shows that much progress has already been made since the adoption of the Energy Union Framework Strategy nine months ago. Still much remains to be done, and 2016 wi...[查閱全文]
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                  Chile to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030
                  (2015-11-21)Chile plans to cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent by 2030, Environment Minister Pablo Badenier said Friday. Badenier said his country will announce the pledge at the upcoming 21st Conference of Parties (COP21) to the United Na...[查閱全文]
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